Content Strategy

Echo Services will collaborate with you in constructing a well-developed and governed strategy that makes your content both useful and discoverable. This ensures a continuing and consistent message.

Digital Asset Management

Implementing content and digital management systems • Providing taxonomy and metadata strategies and processes • Ingesting of new content • Defining and implementing content governance and maintenance

Ontology, Taxonomy, and Metadata Management

Interactive sessions with system and content walk-throughs • Formal requirement gathering and prioritization • Inventorying and high-level reviews • Implementation and maintenance • Creation of a company roadmap maintenance

We are the foundation for managing and finding information within your organization, no matter where it lives.

Your information needs to be adaptable and useful, just like your business. Echo Services will work with you on content management to ensure it reflects your evolving objectives. We know metadata, keywords, tagging, and indexing are crucial to making your content easily findable and usable.

Other Echo Services solutions include:
Content Lifecycle • Content Audits • Process Management